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The TRAVELTOO website has been initially created as a personal web page collecting materials for easy sharing among a family and our friends.

Nevertheless, the experiences and views given by pictures, movies and stories during our journeys can be inspirational also for all the dreamers with neverending thinking about travelling and help them to act...

or just amuse all of you, who are not able to travel now, but who love watching fabulous places and amazing parts of our planet at least via movies and pictures of others.

Stay here for a while and enjoy beauty of extraordinary places on Earth via our pictures and movies.

Our names are Jan & Martina. We are a Czech couple travelling around the world right now!

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    • Fifteen months in New Zealand


      For us, New Zealand means something trully magic. So deep and strong memories, whih we had even never thought about. This land definitely moved our imaginations further than any other country we have visited.
      We have still been thinking about what exactly works as the strongest magnet, definitely the nature, such friendly and open people and also the low population on both islands. That is something unique in comparison with Europe, where we live. Sure, there is probably an idea in your head now that also in Europe we can find spectacular areas, mountains, sea, wild rivers and spirits. Absolutely true.However, living at least for a few months in NZ would change your point of view on many areas of living, principles, beauty of the Earth and may be even on a reason of a human existence at all.
      We see travelling as a very important part of being. Understanding our planet, different cultures, new perspective, a fresh looking from a different angels than we were used to in the past. So, We wish all of you visited New Zealand at least for a while to feel its massive spirit.For your inspirations, check out our New Zealand - The Magical Spirit Land video

    • Samoa - wild island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean


      The tropical island named SAMOA located somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean is one of the perfect destinations for full of an adventure holiday. Traveller considering Polynesia area can choose from options of islands of Tonga, Fiji, the Cook Islands or the paradise of Samoa. We decided to try something wilder and more adventurous so Samoa was a good option.
      Transport in Samoa
      As the transport, we decided to hire a scooter at the AQUA Samoa Scooter Rental. That was a great, simple and relatively cheap choice. Our motorbike handled to take both of us including luggage anywhere we needed. There was just one complication of this way of transport. We are talking about wild dogs attacking scooters and sometimes even cars. A driver must be very careful of wild animals wandering on roads especially during scooter driving. Therefore hire a car or travelling by public transport, traditional Samoan original beautifully colored buses, can be also very good option.
      Samoa consists of two Islands, Upolu with the international airport close to Apia and Savai'i island, which is also great place to visit. Savai’i was in many aspects even more beautiful.
      Traditional cottages called Fale
      Accommodation in Samoa is also very original experience for travellers. We surely recommend trying FALES as small cottages located on a beach very close to the water of the ocean. An explorer can often experience a fantastic night „above the water“ of the Pacific ocean, which is really cool. Believe us, never-ending sunsets with scenic views create awesome memories for the rest of your life.
      Never miss
      Probably the most popular spot is a well-known trench descending to the water of the ocean called „The Sua Ocean Trench“ located in South of the Upolu island. Especially in the morning, you can plunge to the clear water and enjoy unforgettable moments just alone in the heart of the Trench just floating on the water surface. The south-eastern part of Upolu offers also romantic golden beaches with Fale complex called FaoFao. The ocean is truly terrific there. As the transport between the islands, you can use a ferry. The trip to Savai’i takes normally about four hours. The best way is travelling around the whole Savai’i island. In terms of Fales area, North, West and even South of the island are great places with lovely chill-out beaches ideal for swimming, sunbathing and popular snorkeling
      Simply said, Samoa is another „end“ of the world, where we got truly unforgettable memories not only from unbelievable landscape and scenery. Also, local Samoans lifestyle in the middle of a jungle gave us original and interesting experiences.
      So, if you have ever a chance to visit Samoa, do not think about it too long! It is a great place!

    • Ceylon - tropical paradise without angels


      Srí Lanka (Ceylon island) is taken as on of the amazing tropical paradise on earth. Unfortunately, as many tropical islands, Ceylon also suffers from big pollution with still too poor cleaning system. Therefore, many beautiful spots relatively clean even a few years ago are getting quickly quite dirty there days. Even though Sri Lanka is still one of the cleaner tropical fantastic islands.
      We had decided Ceylon mainly because of June as a month for our trip back from New Zealand. Vietnam or Philippines could be also a great option, but not before the summer with the monsoons period. However, Srí Lanka is very good for a visit during all the year. And June belongs to out-of-season time so the traveller can enjoy many options of a great accommodation, not too crowded popular tourist spots and what more, he can often find himself totally alone on a beach, which is not bad too. Each part of the island has some special spots and attractions. Nevertheless, we had great days and also not too lucky moments. Therefore, you can find here some helpful tips and recommendations from our trip.
      Transport in Ceylon
      Basically said, there are probably three options: a rent of car or scooter, going by Tuk-tuk or taxi or rely on bus transport or trains. Every option has adv and con. We had chosen a car from the MALKEY Rental company because of too many bags with us to travel by bus. However, driving of any vehicle in Sri Lanka is often really crazy experience.Forget signals or driving rules. Bigger cars, buses or vehicles with loud horn go first and you have to be very concentrated all the time when you drive. Unlike self-driving, Tuk-tuk can be a better choice especially when you have no big pieces of luggage with you and cost is acceptable. Furthermore, bus or train transport costs almost "nothing", so next time no big luggage with us and just by bus to anywhere.
      Legendary Srí Lankan cuisine
      You will definitely enjoy food of Ceylon. No matter what kind of a restaurant or a hotel you choose, almost everywhere even in local small bars you can find delicious and healthy meals. Moreover, portions are there big also for hungry travellers. Even cheaper basic meals, as Fried rice or noodles with anything, surprise you with a great taste.
      What to visit
      There are many spots and areas to visit in Ceylon. Probably "the strongest magnet" in Dambulla area with the majestic place called Sigiriya Rock Temple. We are talking about a huge archeological domain with remains of a big Temple built on the top of a massive 150m high rock. Dambulla also offers the biggest cave Temple and the Golden Buddha Temple.
      Another large archeological area is Pollonaruwa complex.
      For beaches, surfing and diving lovers, Ceylon offers many interesting spots to see as well. Just consider properly time of year. We had found following as the best: Trincomalee area, Pasikuda beach, Navaladi beach by Batticaloa, surfing spot by Taprobane island or long and beautiful coral beach with many bars called Narigama (Hikkaduwa), where you can see and feed turtles. Almost everywhere you can enjoy also diving, snorkeling and whale watching.
      National parks with Safari trips are another great and popular attraction, which you definitely must not miss. You can feel here easily like in Africa, watching big elephants, crocodiles, buffalos, lions or even hippos. It is really terrific and spectacular show in the middle of nature.
      Great accommodation is fundamental
      We know well that good accommodation is a key factor of a great journey. So here you are the best tips for rooms we tried: The Green Village (Dambulla), Naval Beach Villa (Batticaloa), Swan Safari House (close to Udawalawe Park) and awesome accommodation in 234 Villa not too far from Narigama beach.

      Wherever you go in Ceylon, do not forget to consider a season of the year. Travel and discover!
      Good luck and have a great journey in Sri Lanka.


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